The First Female Muslim Superhero

Since more than a year ago, Disney+ projects have been filling the time between Marvel's big movies in theatres

We already had WandaVision, Falcon and Bucky, Loki, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight

In 2013, she made her first appearance in the Captain Marvel graphic novel. In 2014, she got her own series

Kamala Khan is a Muslim girl from New Jersey who was born in Pakistan. She is obsessed with writing fanfiction about superheroes and playing video games.

In the Disney+ series, she doesn't get along with her peers, but that changes when she gains abilities

Kamala had a flexible, almost cartoonish body. She could enlarge her physique like One Piece's Luffy

In the TV series, her powers look alien-tech-based, as energy projections come off her limbs and body.

We don't know where these powers came from, but they seem fantastic on screen.

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