Taylor Swift Receives Honourary Doctorate In Fine Arts

The singer, 32, attended Wednesday's ceremony at Yankee Stadium in a purple and black gown and cap.

Taylor tweeted a video of herself getting ready, saying, 'Wearing a cap and gown for the first time — see you soon NYU.'

She addressed the class of 2022, joking, 'I'm 90% sure I'm here because I have a song called '22.'

Last time I was in a stadium this huge, I was dancing in heels and a glittery leotard, said Taylor. This is more comfortable.

Taylor's honorary degree makes her Dr Swift, and she thanked NYU for it.

Not the type of doctor you'd want in an emergency, unless you wanted a song with a catchy melody and cathartic bridge.

Taylor also told the grads' families and friends, 'Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you.'

Not being invited to parties and sleepovers in her hometown made her lonely, she said.

Because I felt alone, I'd make songs to transport me elsewhere.

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