Star Wars: Visions Season 2 is supposed to be coming this year

A fresh round of Star Wars: Visions shorts is supposedly on the way.

Visions will return to Disney+ in 2019, per Cinelinx. Lucasfilm hasn't confirmed a second season, so fans must wait.

Given the favourable response to the first nine shorts, Disney and Lucasfilm may make more.

Visions- created by seven Japanese studios, combined anime and Star Wars last fall.

Fans and critics liked the variety of animation styles and stories.

Given the excellent response, it's hardly surprise that Lucasfilm would use the format again, especially because Season 2 of Visions relies on it.

Waugh added, "We'd want to make more Star Wars: Visions, but we'll have to gauge fan reaction."

Waugh said Visions might lead to further non-canon Star Wars ventures, breaching Disney's responsibility to convey one consistent tale across platforms.

"We're curious. We designed Visions to enable creators in their process and medium "explained Waugh.

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