Preparing Your Finances for a Recession

Before the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 caused a short recession, many adults might not have ever been through one

After the 2008–2009 recession, U.S. investors enjoyed the longest bull market in history for more than a decade

But in the past few months, the stock market has had some wild swings and has even gone into bear market territory at times.

Even though not everyone thinks a recession is coming soon, financial experts say that it will happen sooner or later because of the way the economy works.

You should always include a possible economic downturn in your financial plan, but you should do so even more now

Speiss is hopeful about the future, and he points out that most of the last 45 years have been times when the economy has grown

Even though birth rates are going down and immigration is going down, there are still things going on that may not have been a problem in the past

Slowdowns and times of high inflation have never stopped the economy from getting back on its feet

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