Perseverance rover has made a Friend on Mars

Four months ago, the Perseverance rover befriended a pet rock, and the two have been together ever since

Early in February, a boulder became lodged in the left front wheel of the rover while it was exploring the red planet

The rock has moved more than 5.3 miles (8.5 kilometres) through the rocky terrain in four months

The Mars rover is currently focused on coring and analysing sedimentary rocks in the delta region

NASA reports that these rocks were formed billions of years ago when there was water in the area

Perseverance's pet rock isn't hindering operations, but it's unclear how long it will stay

If the pet rock falls out and says goodbye to the rover, the rover will be far away from home and surrounded by rocks it has never seen before.

The rover has been moving around on Mars since the middle of 2012, and it is still working

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