North Carolina Man Wins $1 Million Lottery 

Yamir Bryant is delighted he modified his typical routine

"I raced around the house like a little kid," Bryant said in a press release from the North Carolina Education Lottery

At a CitiStop on Sweeten Creek Road in Asheville, Bryant purchased his winning Millionaire Maker ticket on June 9

After a short wait, he and his wife scratched the ticket to reveal the large prize, and they immediately began celebrating

According to Bryant, "I constantly say I'm going to win $1 million." "Once in a blue moon, I like to get a $30 ticket."

A 20-year annuity of $50,000 was an option when Bryant showed up at lottery headquarters on June 10th

After deducting the applicable state and federal taxes, he received $426,069 as his take-home pay

Bryant is an accomplished cook. After paying off his wife's automobile and relocating, he wants to put money aside for his boys' upcoming sporting expenditures.

'Millionaire Maker' was released on March 20th, 2021. A total of 31 people have won a $1 million reward, making Bryant the 31st person to do so

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