Newyork Stimulus Payment Tax Rebate

Residents who qualified could get up to $1,050, with the average benefit for New York City households being $425.

The average amount outside of the city is thought to be about $970, and it affects about 2 million households

Those who live in the country and make less than $75,000 a year can expect to get an average of $1,050

You had to be eligible for the School Tax Relief (STAR) programme in 2022 to be able to apply for the Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit (HTRC)

"We'll figure out if you're eligible based on your income, and then we'll give you the credit."

A small fraction of homeowners will receive cheques beyond June because we require school tax data

"If you don't get your check by early July, you will before your school tax bill is due. Our phone centre can't give a timeline

"You do not need to calculate your income in order to claim the homeowner tax rebate credit," reads the government's website on the matter.

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