Musk praised Netflix's crackdown on woke employees.

Elon Musk praised Netflix for its recent crackdown on woke workers after slamming the streaming giant last month for having a 'woke mind virus'

The LA-based streamer sent a new 'culture memo' to staff last week telling them they can leave if they're offended by company content.

The advice came after employees threatened to leave if they continued to work with Dave Chappelle.

The new 'Artistic Expression' policy says the company won't censor artists or voices.

Musk tweeted, "Good move, @netflix."

Tesla's CEO criticized Netflix for pandering to progressive staffers while losing subscribers.

The company lost 200,000 users between January and March, according to its latest quarterly report.

Musk previously blamed Netflix for losing subscribers.

In six months, stocks fell from $700 to $166. The stock has since risen to $187.64.

It has been at odds with itself over airing content that some woke employees claim is harmful.

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