Multiversus Game Preview

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover platform game that combines WB's Looney Tunes, DC Universe, Scooby-Doo, & Game of Thrones.

MultiVersus is a blast, with innovative twists on platform fighting concepts, a focus on 2v2 action,and voiced characters.

The game may be a path for future fighting games and the next big thing in free-to-play gaming.

MultiVersus resembles Smash Bros. Damage percentages, simple one-button-and-a-direction inputs, and even Shaggy's knee of justice move.

Every character can wall jump infinitely to fast climb up from the stage's bottom. MultiVersus emphasises aerial mobility.

MultiVersus' 2v2 focus distinguishes it from other platform combatants. Every character supports teamwork.

Every character seems distinct while yet being true to their source material, and they all offer team assistance. 

Characters can be bought with actual money, but Huynh said they can also be gained in-game.

Its 2v2 aspects provide innovative twists to an ancient concept, its cast is a fantastic mix of new and nostalgic.

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