Burger cook who began business in lockdown wins best in Britain

Danny Hawkes started his business in lockdown and has won best in Britain.

Danny Hawkes, 42, flattens his beef patties so they fry up crispy and frilly.

He credits beer-flavored cheese for his success.

They're served on toasted brioche buns with beer cheese, candied jalapenos, mustard, pickles, and burger sauce.

The burger won a four-round cook-off in London.

Danny's Burgers took off after he posted a home-cooked burger photo.

Now fans wait an hour for his food truck outside Bristol pubs.

Danny Hawkes said, "The business is hard work but I love it."

The chef started out working every Friday, but his burgers became so popular that he now works Thursdays and Saturdays, griddling 200 patties a night.

The father-of-one set up a nine-meter-square gazebo in a brewery courtyard and sold 50 aged-beef organic smash burgers in September.

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