How To Invest In Bear Market?

A bear market is a condition in which securities prices fall 20 percent or more from recent highs amid widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment.

Bear markets usually happen when a market or index as a whole goes down

In contrast to "market corrections," which are often short, shallow declines in the market, bear markets are larger, more severe downturns

Any asset class might experience a bear market at any time. A bear market in equities may be identified by looking at an index such as the BSE Sensex or the NIFTY.

Bonds can go into bear market in two ways: government or corporate

In addition to currencies, gold, and commodities like oil, bear markets can also occur

Beware of using equity and equity-related instruments to raise funds over the next three years.

If you are unable to make a larger investment, do not use portfolio tracking software or websites

Avoid Negative Thoughts; Maintain a POSITIVE Attitude

Before you go, talk to your Advisor

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