A man from Chesterfield Township has won a $25,000-per-year-for-life lottery jackpot.

A Macomb County man recently won a Lucky For Life jackpot from the Michigan Lottery using family birthdates

John Cichowlas of Chesterfield Township matched the five white balls chosen on the 22nd of May

Recently, a Macomb County man was able to parlay the Michigan Lottery's Lucky For Life payout into a family birthday celebration

The 62-year-old player, who did not want to be identified, said he had to look at the ticket twice

One lucky family man, 45-year-old Mike Swindall, had this happen to him

Swindall only needed one more number, the bonus ball, to win the top prize, which is $7,000 a week for life

When he found out, his wife was sleeping next to him. At first, she didn't believe him

He chose to get $349,000 right away. The choice has different tax consequences

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