Apocalyptic lightning storms sweep the South ahead of 26C African Plume.

Tropical lightning storms lit up the south overnight and Monday as forecasters predicted 26C sunshine later this week.

Heavy rain is falling across the country, and flash flood warnings have been issued days before an African heat wave.

Until 5 a.m., a yellow alert covered London, Oxford, Cardiff, and Plymouth.

Met Office predicts "sudden flooding" after weeks without significant rain.

A rare “moonbow” was spotted in Alston, Cumbria, by a lucky weather-watcher.

Blood Moon illumination of water droplets before eclipse causes the phenomenon.

Kelly Shaw sent the meteorological image. Conditions required for their formation make them rarer than a standard rainbow.

Because even the brightest full moon emits less light than the sun, moonbows are rare.

Social media has beautiful storm images.

A Twitter user captured the storm above Southbourne, Dorset. A flash in nearby Weymouth turned night into day.

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