2 Ships Found In Spain $17 Billion Gold

Two ships packed with $17 billion in gold were recovered near the lost San Jose galleon

In 1708, the British sank the 62-gun San Jose

It was found in 2015, and the Spanish government has just released new footage of the shipwreck, which has gold and other valuable items

The blue and green pictures show gold coins, pottery, and porcelain cups that are still whole all over the sea floor

The Colombian government provided the video, which shows high-tech equipment being lowered to the seafloor

The two additional vessels look to be a colonial boat and a schooner from approximately the same time

The 62-gun, three-masted San José was sunk by the British in 1708 during the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714)

The Colombian Navy planned, prepared, and executed four high-tech observation campaigns this way

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