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Who is Raspberry Clark? Erin Napier brother parents and husband

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Erin Napier’s brother is called Clark Rasberry and he is part of her family. She is known for the HGTV show she does with her husband, Ben Napier.

Erin and Ben Napier, who host the HGTV show Home Town, live in Laurel, Mississippi, and work on home renovations there. They work on projects that often use recycled materials and materials from the region.

Erin is a graphic designer who started out in business and Ben is a carpenter who studied history in college. Both love repairing and maintaining old houses.

In their Home Town series, families looking to buy a home can learn design skills from Erin, her artistic side and creative home portraits, as well as building skills, carpentry and custom renovations from Ben.

In response to HGTV’s success, several spin-offs and related shows such as Home Town Takeover, Home Town Kickstart, and Home Town: Ben’s Workshop, as well as the online series Erin’spired, were made.

    Erin Napier
Erin Napier

Is Erin Napier related to anyone?

Yes, Erin Napier’s brother was called Clark Rasberry and they grew up together. On the show, she even talked about him and his childhood.

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Who is Erin Napier’s husband?

Erin Napier is happily married to Ben Napier, who is also her business partner. They also have two children of whom they are very proud.

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Who are Erin Napier’s mother and father?

Erin’s mother and father, Phil, had her. She grew up in Laurel, Mississippi, with her family.

Erin Napier’s brother is Clark Rasberry

Clark Rasberry was Erin Napier’s brother and they grew up together. She and her brother had a great childhood.

Home Town on HGTV focuses more on the Napiers’ home improvement projects than their personal lives, but Erin Napier has a brother named Clark who has blogged in the past.

Erin wrote a guest post for the Hello Dearie blog in 2011 about Christmas traditions in her family, including how her dad always plays the Elvis Presley song “Blue Christmas.” Now she and Clark continue to do so.

Hometown star Erin Napier doesn’t hold back in her latest Instagram post. We all want the best for her because she talks so openly about her physical and mental health issues.

Old photos of her hospital stay in 2014 are not often seen. Ben, her husband, is sitting right next to her bed. He is the same as eight years ago.

Erin said she had a hole in her appendix. Since 2008, the “Home Town Takeover” star has been feeling bad.

Erin Napier’s parents were born in the United States

Erin Napier’s parents raised her in Laurel, Mississippi where she was born and raised.

Erin told Southern Living in an interview that as a child she was “quirky and shy” and lived alone in Laurel, Mississippi. Jim, her first cousin and brother, is also a friend of hers.

In a letter to her parents on their 46th wedding anniversary in August 2020, Erin thanked them for showing her and her brother “what marriage and parenthood should be like.”

In a blog post, she said her grandfather, whom she called “Papaw”, had two sons, her father Phil and her uncle Danny.

In a blog post for Christmas 2015, Erin said her husband gave Clark, Phil, Danny and Jim four old hammers that belonged to his grandfather and had been repaired by Ben.

Erin Napier
Erin Napier

Ben Napier is Erin’s husband

Erin Napier and her husband, Ben Napier, have a wonderful life together.

The newlyweds purchased and furnished a 1925 Craftsman-style cottage. They are also part of a community group working to improve historic downtown Laurel.

Erin uses her graphic design skills to create nostalgic logos and marketing materials that help celebrate the city’s personality and promote the city’s rebirth. At the same time, Ben served as the leader of the group.

They also have two children of whom they are very proud. The couple have two children, Helen and Mae, who care for them.

Ben and Erin often run Laurel Mercantile, a store in downtown Laurel that sells American-made antiques and durable goods, when they’re not remodeling homes for new owners.

In a blog post she wrote on Christmas Day 2015, Erin said that Ben had recently found and repaired four “rusty old hammers with broken handles” that belonged to her and Clark’s grandfather, which she called “Pappaw”.

Erin Napier Biography

Erin and Ben Napier are the stars of the HGTV show Home Town. They live in the small town of Laurel, Mississippi, and fix up old houses there. Erin is an artist who started her career in corporate graphic design. She and her husband Ben, a carpenter with a history degree, love to save and repair old houses. On their Home Town show, families buying a home benefit from Erin’s design skills, artistry and creative home portraits, as well as Ben’s building knowledge, carpentry skills and custom renovations. which often use local and salvaged materials.

HGTV’s success has also led to several spin-off and related shows, such as Home Town Takeover, Home Town Kickstart, and Home Town: Ben’s Workshop, as well as digital series Erin’spired and Talkin’ Shop.

As newlyweds, the couple purchased and furnished a Craftsman-style cottage beginning in 1925. They are also involved with a local group that works to improve and develop Laurel’s downtown historic district. Ben served as the group’s president and Erin used her graphic design skills to create nostalgic branding and marketing to celebrate the town’s personality and encourage the town to come back to life.

The couple stay busy with their two daughters, Helen and Mae, and with running Laurel Mercantile, a downtown Laurel store that sells American-made antiques and durable items.

There are plenty of great couples on HGTV that make it more fun to watch homes being remodeled or for sale. But if you haven’t watched Ben and Erin Napier in Home Town as they try to bring their small town of Laurel, Mississippi back to life, you’re really missing something.

Not only do they work well together on camera, but the story of how they met, fell in love, and ended up on TV could be the subject of its own show. But until then, here’s everything you need to know about them two.

After college, they almost didn’t return to their hometown

After graduating from college, Ben and Erin almost didn’t return to Laurel. People found out that the couple thought about moving to Memphis, Birmingham, Nashville or even New York instead. “But then, as we got closer to graduation and knew we were going to get married and start our lives, it just felt right,” Ben told the outlet.

They spoke more about the fact that returning home after leaving is seen as giving up and admitting defeat. Erin told the source that going home was the most rebellious thing she could do. “When you’re young, you think if you could just walk away from home, the world would be so much a better place. You think the grass is always greener. There are problems everywhere. You can complain about it and leave, or you can stay and do something about it.

The couple stayed in their hometown to make it a better place for them, the people who already live there and anyone who might consider moving there. But they also wanted to make it a place where their children would want to come back. Ben said: “We want our children to grow up in a place that feels like magic.”

Helen Napier was born in January 2018. She was the couple’s first child. In May 2021, they announced to everyone that their second child, Mae Napier, was born.

Erin wrote an honest and heartfelt post on Instagram explaining why they wanted to add a new member to their little family.

“I saw my father and his brother standing on my grandmother’s grave. Two very different men helped each other grow,” she typed. “Two men who knew her better than any of us. Siblings can do this because they know and remember family stories and keep them alive. And Helen was important to us.

They are still getting used to having two children.

When their second daughter, Mae, was born in May 2021, the couple had to make some changes. Erin told Today Parents in an interview that she and Ben went through a “mourning period” before the birth of their second daughter. “I was just thinking how much I miss our time as a family of three and how it will never be like this again.” But when Mae came into the world, the couple’s worries disappeared. “There was nothing to worry about,” she said. “Mae seems to have always been there.”

Caring for a toddler and newborn isn’t easy, and Erin has been talking about it on Instagram ever since. Erin said in an Instagram post, “This isn’t a gorgeous, stylish, staged shot of what I cooked for dinner, but this is the first real meal I’ve cooked since I was born. Mae.” “A pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables and basil rice, which is Ben’s favorite,” she says. “Our baby is 7 weeks now, and it’s taken us all this time to figure out how to plan, juggle and cook a real meal with two young children on my feet or in my arms.” She continues: “I’m amazed and impressed with moms who have more than two children, and I’m very happy that we have taken this small step towards normal days. Forward, moms and dads!

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