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Who is Mr. Immortal’s ex-wife Baroness Cromwell from She-Hulk episode 6?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Baroness Cromwell, a woman who goes by many names, has not won over many people, especially someone who avoids conflict like Mr. Immortal. Known as Lily Cromwell, as well as the Countess of Blood, her names point to the dark history that the Baroness went through. Although she was born an innocent human to Dr. Jacob Cromwell, her father’s deeds have drawn her into a world of blood and—yes—vampirism. Under Dracula’s thrall, Dr. Cromwell revived Baron Blood, who subsequently killed the Baroness’s father and sister before turning Lily into a vampire.

From there, she became Dracula’s devoted assistant, founding a cult in honor of Baron Blood as well as seeking the Holy Grail. Baroness Blood has well-known vampire attributes such as increased speed, strength, and healing. However, after consuming the contents of the Holy Grail, she became immune to all of her weaknesses, such as her aversion to sunlight. Certainly a formidable woman, and there is no doubt why her relationship with Mr. Immortal did not work out. They may have qualities in common, such as immortality, but probably not much else. Her mention in She-Hulk may seem like an unnecessary catchphrase, but now that Blade has been teased to get into the MCU, it’s highly likely that we’ll see Baroness Cromwell in the flesh sometime in the future.

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