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Who is Glenda Cleveland in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Glenda Cleveland was a real-life neighbor of Jeffrey Dahmer who suspected he was up to no good. Despite her best efforts, the authorities rejected her applications. “Glenda was also one of his victims. And her story was the least told, ”Nicy Nash frankly said in a conversation with Netflix. Cleveland notified her landlord of bad smells coming from Dahmer’s apartment, but her concern was put aside due to Dahmer’s positive reputation. She later called the police. Perhaps one of the most important scenes in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is when Cleveland encounters teenager Konerak Sinthasomphon (played by Kieran Tamondong) who stumbles out of Dahmer’s apartment. Concerned police arrive and interrogate Dahmer, who charms a way out of the situation, leaving Cleveland helpless (via Milwaukee Journal Guardian). Sinthasomphon would be his 13th victim.

Had the police given Cleveland a proper audience, five of Dahmer’s 17 victims could have been saved. Nash strongly believes that Cleveland deserves more credit for her efforts to bring down Dahmer, as her suspicions sowed the seeds in the case against him. “She deserved much more than a stupid little sign at the bottom of some public hall. She deserved much more than the police who stood in front of her and said, “Look what we did. Look what we tried to do.” Nash said. Cleveland continued to live in the same area until 2009 and eventually passed away in 2010, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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