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Where is Sharon Santiago now? Felix Trinidad wife and net worth in 2022

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Felix Trinidad has been married to Sharon Santiago for a long time.

Boxing fans still don’t know much about the boxer’s personal life. Don’t worry, because we’ve talked a lot about the couple below.

Felix Trinidad is a great boxer and one of the best of his generation. The Puerto Rican had won the world title in three different categories.

When he was just nine years old, Trinidad started playing baseball as an amateur. He was 51-6 in the boxing ring before turning pro in March 1990, two months after turning 17.

Many people remember his fights with Hector Camacho (UD 12), Yori Boy Campas (TKO 4), Oba Carr (KO 8) and Pernell Whitaker. During the 1980s and 1990s he became one of the best boxers in the world.

On an island where everyone loves boxing, Félix is ​​the undisputed champion of the people. In his heyday in the 1990s and early 2000s, he even got into fights. The Boxer’s Writing Association and The Ring Magazine chose the Puerto Rican as Fighter of the Year in 2000. He was also ranked the 51st best fighter of the 1980s.

In 2001 Trinidad retired for the first time, but in 2005 he returned to fight Ricardo Mayorga. He hasn’t stepped into the ring since his last fight against Roy Jones Jr.

After leaving the ring, the boxer spent more time with his family. He, his wife and children live in Puerto Rico without any problems.

Felix Trinidad
Felix Trinidad

The love story of Felix Trinidad and his wife Sharon Santiago is very interesting

Felix Trinidad is now 49 and married to Sharon Santiago. When the boxer’s parents moved to San Juan, it was there that they first met.

Trinidad and Santiago have known each other since they were young. They both lived in Cupey and they first met Trinidad at a schoolmate who also lived next door to Trinidad.

The boxer tried to impress Santiago with his red Ford Mustang, according to the Trinidad Wikipedia. He kept trying to convince her, and with the help of Santiago’s neighbor, Trinidad finally succeeded. At first, Santiago’s mother thought Trinidad had something to do with her daughter’s friend, but when she went to the friend’s house and saw he was nervous, she knew the truth.

Meanwhile, Trinidad’s father did not approve of the relationship. He thought the boxer’s love life might have slowed his rise in the sport. Similarly, the father feared that the media would speak ill of their relationship. Still, the boxer eventually caught the eye of Sharon Santiago and he worked hard to earn his family’s trust.

Although no one knows the exact date of their marriage, the couple got married about fifteen years ago.

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Who is Sharon Santiago, Mr. Trinidad’s wife?

Sharon Santiago, married to Felix Trinidad, is from Puerto Rico. She has been with her husband through all of his ups and downs, from his winning hands to his heartbreaking defeats. Right now, Santiago loves and cares for the children of Trinidad. She manages his household and takes care of many of the boxer’s business needs.

Sharon is also in her 40s and thought she went to school with Felix Trinidad. After four years of relationship, they got married and had four children. She’s only on Twitter, where you can find her as @SharonSantiag15. But it looks like she hasn’t done anything on her profile for a long time.

Felix and Sharon Trinidad are raising four children

Felix Trinidad and his wife, Sharon Santiago, have four daughters. Their names are Larysha, Lisha, Alayah and Ashley.

The Puerto Rican boxer taught his children from an early age to be very responsible. Even though he is very busy, he always finds time to spend with his four daughters. Thus, many photos of them were posted on his Instagram.

From a different relationship, Trinidad also has a fifth daughter named Alondra Nicole.

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Where does Trinidad live now with his wife?

Trinidad leads a peaceful life with his wife and children. He lives with his family in Cupey Alto, a neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

When Trinidad retired, he spent more time with his wife and family. After his fight with Jones Jr., he didn’t fight much for a long time. Similarly, he didn’t say anything at first, but on October 12, 2009, he finally said he was retiring.

The boxer said he was 95-98% sure he wouldn’t be in the ring. Felix eventually showed up on boxing cards and went to many events with his wife.

Additionally, Felix worked as a guest referee for the World Wrestling Council in July 2009. Afterwards, he became part of a plan that also included Orlando Colón. He also said that he wanted to buy the Changos from Naranjito.

How Felix Trinidad grew up and his family

Tito was born to be a boxer, there is no doubt. He started boxing when he was only 12 years old. It shows how much he loves sports. Tito’s father gave it to him. Felix Trinidad Sr. was the featherweight champion in the 1970s.

The father then taught Tito how to box and shared his love of the sport. Moreover, at the end of his father’s career, Tito immediately took up boxing.

In an interview, the boxer said, “My dad, Felix Sr., was an amateur and then a professional fighter, so I’ve been in boxing all my life.”

He told Fernando Gaztambide of The Ring TV: “I used to watch his fights in coliseums and fields. When he retired, he and my cousin Juan “Popo” Guzman, who died many years ago, opened a boxing gym called “Club Cupey”. Many boxers from the neighborhood and neighboring towns went there to train. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always gone to the gym.

Felix Trinidad
Felix Trinidad

Luz M. Trinidad is the name of the boxer’s sister

Felix Trinidad’s sister is called Luz M. Trinidad, but she hasn’t been talked about much in the media.

His sister did not make the headlines like his wife, mother and father. But people think his only brother is married and has kids. She lives with her family in Puerto Rico.

His Instagram account, @felixtitotrinidad, might tell you more about him and his family. He often shows his 61,000 followers photos of his family.

In 2022, the wealth of Felix Trinidad will be

Celebrity Net Worth says Felix Trinidad will be worth $30 million in 2022.

The famous boxer participated in 45 big fights and he won 42 of them. He lost only three times. From 1990 to 2008, he won multiple world titles in three different weight classes, which helped his finances.

The boxer is the 19th richest, according to the Wealthy Gorilla. He is behind boxers like Amir Khan, Anthony Mundine and Naseem Hamed.

What happened to Felix Trinidad?

In Cupey Alto, life in Trinidad is calm and peaceful.

When did Felix Trinidad quit his job?

Since 2008, Trinidad has not been in the rings.

Was Felix’s father also a boxer?

Félix’s father was also a boxer and he trained him.

Amateur career

In the International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council, Trinidad was the champion. He had an excellent record, with 42 wins and only 3 losses, and 35 of those wins were by knockout. His athletic career in this field began at the age of 12. He won five prizes at the amateur championships in his home country (at 100, 112, 119, 126, and 132 pounds), giving him a 51–6 record as an amateur.

Work as a professional

Trinidad’s first professional game was on March 10, 1990. He was 17 at the time. Angel Romero was also a first-time boxer, and Trinidad knocked him out in the second round of their fight. Nine of his top 10 opponents were knocked out in the first round. Then he fought boxers with more experience, like Jake Rodriguez on December 6, 1991. The fight was decided unanimously, but Trinidad injured his right hand. He then did nothing for five months while his wound healed.

On May 3, 1992, in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Raul Gonzalez fought Felix Trinidad[9]. The main event of the night was this fight. At 142 pounds, Gonzalez and Trinidad were the same weight. Gonzalez was 8-2-3 with 5 knockouts, while Trinidad was 13-0 with 10 knockouts. Gonzalez was knocked down three times and Trinidad won by TKO in the fourth round. Trinidad would get another knockout win, making their record 14-0 with 11 knockouts.

Welterweight title

Trinidad went to San Diego, Calif., and defeated IBF welterweight champion Maurice Blocker in two rounds on June 19, 1993, in a fight card broadcast on Showtime. The first two minutes of the fight were spent by Trinidad analyzing Blocker’s style. One of Trinidad’s punches hurt Blocker with 11 seconds left in the first round. The blocker barely crossed the turn. In the second round, the champion improved, but after 30 seconds another punch from Trinidad hurt him again. After that, Trinidad hit him with a combination that knocked him out. The fight was stopped at 1:49 of the round. After that, Trinidad aired often on Showtime Championship Boxing because tournament organizer Don King had an exclusive deal to stage fights for cable channel Showtime.

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