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The real reason Chicago Med brought April back for Season 8

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In conjunction with the premiere of Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 1, TVLine published an interview with showrunners Diana Frolova and Andrew Schneider on April’s return and why they wanted her character back.

During their conversation, interviewer Vlada Gelman asked the two series executives if the fact that April and Ethan’s storyline was left unresolved influenced their decision to reintroduce April. “It goes back to a real desire to honor this character,” Schneider replied.

“And, as you say, answer some of these questions and give them a conclusion,” Frolov added.

These answers suggest that April’s unfinished business – and especially her relationship with Ethan – remains the main reason behind the behind-the-scenes decision to rehire Yaya Dacosta. Schneider also clarified that her return was not dependent on Fox canceling Our People, but something they had in the works, regardless of DaCosta’s main machine status.

In an interview with TermFrolov suggested that fans would enjoy how April and Ethan’s storyline would play out in Season 8. “Let’s just say she’s coming back and we’re going to resolve Ethan and April’s relationship in a way that we hope will get you dancing,” Frovlov said. .

Where exactly April and Ethan are heading may well be a major reason for some viewers to tune into Chicago Med season 8 as it continues.

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