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‘The Prisoner’s Daughter’ director Katherine Hardwick discusses making her new emotional drama film

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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What attracted you to this story, and were there any themes in the material that may have been related to some of your previous work?

Immediately, the complex father-daughter dynamic was very interesting. My father wasn’t in jail, but he had his challenges, so looking at these two trying to figure out their past – this man who had an incredible, hard and violent life, how has he changed? How did 12 years in prison change him? He was in AA, and how did that change him? How can you bring back this new life to his daughter and his family?

I thought it was exciting, and yes, many of my family members were in AA, and I had many ex-boyfriends with addiction problems, like her ex-husband – a tendency to let the animal brain burst out and become aggressive before the other the brain can take control. This fight with men and with her son, who is now being attacked and bullied – will he also be cruel? How do we unlock this multi-generational trauma and cycle of abuse? How are we changing? It fascinated me.

What qualities made Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox suitable for these roles?

Have you ever seen a movie called “Farming”? It was an English film directed by my friend who I worked with at Sundance, Adewal Akinnuoye-Agbaj. It was the story of his life, and Kate played his foster mother. He was an African adopted child in England, and many women made money from the fact that the government took the adopted children. She was fantastic in this film, unlike anything you’ve ever seen as Kate. When I saw this, I thought, “Wow, Kate is a really cool actress and can do so many other things besides her cool action movies.” I thought she was great and we never saw her do something like that.

Then Brian… Okay, sure, “The Heir”, who doesn’t love him? We knew he had that kind of toughness and intelligence and then seeing him cross over to the other side where he tries to make amends with his daughter in a gentle and gentle way – it would be so exciting to see that change. Also, it’s interesting because we don’t see him being physically violent in Legacies. We see how he verbally abuses, but in this we also see his physical form.

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