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The Big Bang Theory Star You Probably Didn’t Know Voiced a Character in Tom and Jerry

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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One of the many TV versions of the beloved cat and mouse cartoon duo that aired between 2014 and 2021 with The Tom and Jerry Show. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Turner Entertainment, the flash-animated series brought back the classic Hanna-Barbera characters for an old-style slapstick adventure, with Tom taking on his typical hunter role in various scenarios while Jerry continued to repeatedly elude him. . The Tom and Jerry Show aired on Cartoon Network for two seasons before moving to Boomerang from season three.

The Tom and Jerry Show adopted a loose, continuous structure with several shared settings that were occasionally used for certain episodes and seasons: Tom and Jerry as the couple’s pets, Tom and Jerry working together as detectives in a private home. agency, Tom and Jerry starring in classic fairy tales and so on. Although the protagonists themselves are silent, as in their original shorts, the characters around them often speak depending on the settings used. This is sometimes the case with Napoleon, a recurring character in the first season voiced by Simon Helberg. Jerry’s friend, a rat who enjoys helping him terrorize Tom, Napoleon appears as part of the series’ frequently used lab facility in which Jerry is a resident in Dr. Bigby’s (Tom Kenny) laboratory. Napoleon is featured in several segments of the first season and talks about three of them: “Franken Kitty”, “Hidden Emotions”, and “Molecular Break”. Helberg voices each of these segments.

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