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She-Hulk episode 6 just had a Jurassic Park reference?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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During a briefing with Mr. Immortal’s (David Pasquesi) ex-wives, the subject of the Intelligencia website is raised, which is a forum where users can post on a variety of topics, such as people with powers. When Nikki Ramos (Ginger Gonzaga) and Mallory Book (Renee Elise Goldsberry) scan it, they see a reference to She-Hulk. When they try to access it, the login screen immediately tells them “Wow, wow, wow!”

The last time many people heard this phrase was when the character was denied access, in Jurassic Park. In the film, Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) blocks Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) and John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) from the system. Whenever they try to enter, an image of Nedry appears, waving his finger and saying, “Eeeee! You didn’t say the magic word” (via YouTube).

This isn’t the first time a Disney+ series has been quick to hint at a superbly crafted movie. A lot of Easter eggs have been found in Ms. Marvel, and some serious Jurassic Park nostalgia can definitely be channeled. The episode in which Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) tries to escape the stashes in the banquet hall kitchen in season 1 episode 3 (“Fated”) appears to be a reference to the scene where Tim Murphy (Joseph Masello) and Lex Murphy ( Ariana Richards) restaurant-sized kitchen is being hunted by predators (via Twitter).

Marvel’s Easter Egg game is undeniably strong, and those fun nods, hints, and references add to the fun, especially in the Disney+ She-Hulk series.

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