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How Allison Janney got ripped apart to play Lou from Netflix

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine is an American Film Critic, writer, and journalist. She received a postgraduate degree in Film and Media Studies and has contributed several articles for top magazines. Her film criticisms were published on leading websites and have gained massive popularity. Besides film criticism, she loves to write about recent hot topics of celebrities and breaking news.

In an interview with AV club, Allison Janney was asked how she got physically fit for her enigmatic and brash role in Lou. She first said that she wasn’t very good when she offered to play the part and said that the biggest problem with starting her training regiment was getting her stamina to par. She then said that she had a certain set of exercises but struggled to show them to the interviewer and added, “But those low twisty things, my hips were like steel from doing them. [Fight choreographer Daniel Bernhardt would] make me do 150 or 200, 300 of those turns a day, it was brutal. And I would also train with a coach.”

She continued, “It was hard, but I also enjoyed it and I knew it was work and I was being paid for it. There is something nice about working out when you get paid to do it. it’s my job” and I’m going to do it, and I would like to find someone who will pay me to train only in my normal life.” These exercises must have been intense because Jenny looks completely transformed into Lou. Of course, as she mentions, the idea of ​​being paid to work out probably acts as a great motivator, and it’s really a shame that doesn’t usually happen to the rest of us. However, Lou’s look represents an interesting milestone in Jennie’s career and one that longtime fans won’t soon forget.

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