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Highlanders of history – a production?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Unfortunately, what we see in Highlanders seems to blur the line between fact and fiction, sometimes to a blatant degree. Indeed, one particularly prominent example was the storyline at the beginning of the series in which Eustace Conway had to fight against the government when they tried to seize his rightful property.

Report from AL.com indicates that in fact the reason Conway risked losing his land was not due to a bond from the government, but was instead due to a costly lawsuit from a woman who was blinded while attending Conway’s “school of nature” . As if this cheeky twist on reality wasn’t bad enough, the report also claimed that Conway’s entire mountain man portrayal is just a game – citing an interview with Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert for her book The Last American Man. in which Conway admitted to being a “showman” who plays the part of a wild mountaineer for the sake of business.

Mountain Men cast member Tom Oar made similar confessions during an interview. Billings Gazettein which he confirmed that showrunners often have to come up with dangerous scenarios to make his life seem less boring.

In any case, it seems highly likely that much of what you see in the history of Highlanders is either staged or exaggerated for the sake of entertainment. So while these hardcore preppers may still be living in the mountains, their lives are not what the show makes them out to be.

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