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Explanation of the second season of the Winx saga

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Defeating Sebastian is not an easy task, and it ultimately requires the combined powers of Bloom, Terra, Aisha, and Stella. Luckily, they have a new trick up their sleeve. Before returning to the afterlife, Miss Dowling shared ancient magical wisdom with them: the secret to transforming and growing wings is to balance all of your emotions, both good and bad. Bloom’s friends join her to become the first fairies in generations to transform and put an end to Sebastian forever.

True, there are some strange details in this turn. Where did Dowling learn this secret of transformation? In the last moments before her death, she tells Rosalind that Bloom was able to transform because of the Dragon Flame. So how much did she read while she was buried in the ground? Lots of meditation, maybe? Also, it’s a bit disappointing that the key to transformation is so simple. In the first season, we are told that wing magic was thought to be lost forever. Does this mean that not a single fairy in all this time has managed to capture all her emotions? It’s like something someone might do by accident.

However, it’s fun to watch the four fairies grow wings and combine their powers. Now that the portal to the Realm of Darkness is open, it probably won’t be the last time.

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