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Annie Potts and Ian Armitage from Young Sheldon close in real life?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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According to an interview with DiversityNot only does Potts bond with Armitage on set, but they also have a great friendship off set as they were practically roommates at one point. “Luckily, when I started working on the show, I rented a house not far from where Ian and his mother rented a house, so we were kind of neighbors and started to see each other a lot outside of filming. play together and go out together,” Potts told Variety. “We’ve become friends and of course with a toddler it’s absolutely essential to have their absolute trust.” Potts went on to explain that she doesn’t have real grandchildren herself, so she’s happy to have them thanks to her role as Mimo.

In the aforementioned TV Week interview, Potts explained that it was fun to have a baby by her side. “I have three sons of my own, so I was just happy to have a little boy back in my life,” she said. According to another article in DiversityYoung Sheldon has been extended until 2024, so the couple will have plenty of time to continue their friendship.

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