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The main characters of Bullet Train from worst to first

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Joey King (“The Great and Powerful Oz”) plays Prince, daughter of Michael Shannon’s White Death. Feeling rejected by him for ignoring her talents due to her gender, she sets out to carry out an elaborate Machiavellian plan to kill her father and take his place at the head of his crime syndicate.

Her plan is also quite interesting and has a lot of funny moves, since like any decent villain, she has contingencies on top of contingencies just in case something goes wrong. In that sense, she’s a regular Lex Luthor. For example, Kimura’s previously mentioned young son is being watched by one of her thugs so he doesn’t try anything funny and she has a gun that she gives Kimura set up so he can only shoot backwards so she never hits any . danger at all during their interaction in the first place. She also wisely uses her status as a young-looking schoolgirl to attack everyone, including Lemon and later Ladybug (forcing him to shoot and kill Tangerine to protect her – not knowing her true nature).

She is even the last surviving member of the entire White Death family (since her mother was killed prior to the start of the story by an American assassin named Carver, who cameo played by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds). This is because, after all, she is really the main antagonist of all time. Her death is also quite cathartic considering that it was done by Lemon in retaliation for his brother’s death. In this role, King is stylish, smart, and a sadist—in fact, all of them.

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