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Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty talk about inviting and rejuvenating the vampire genre

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Most of your scenes together are quite intense. What was special about working together? And did you do anything between takes to blow off some steam?

Emmanuel: We ate gummy bears.

Doherty: They were amazing.

Emmanuel: Well, vegan because I have a lot of vegan sweets.

Doherty: They were so good.

Emmanuel: Our tents were often pitched together, and they were separated by a tree, and I passed them through a small gap. [and] be like, “I have new ones.”

Doherty: They were so good. So we ate gummy bears.

Emmanuel: And little sour worms.

Doherty: Yeah. Most of all I liked you and me… I don’t know, we just had fun. I enjoyed working with Natalie.

Emmanuel: Yes, we had a great time. We got along like a house on fire. We entered right away and it was a good vibe from the gate. This made it really useful. [For] every actor, sometimes you have days when you ask yourself questions. You’re like, “Oh, how am I doing?” And it was great because I felt like we really supported each other in those moments and felt like we were on the same team. I don’t know which scene was my favorite… Actually I really enjoyed the dinner. I enjoyed the rehearsal dinner.

Doherty: This was my favorite scene in all of this. Three days.

Emmanuel: Smelly, rotting food.

The Invitation will be released exclusively in theaters on August 26.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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