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Kayla Cardona ‘selling the OC’ net worth and career earnings

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Selling the OC on Netflix has a lot of cool parts that have helped it gain so many fans. One of the coolest things about the show is that most people seem to live very luxurious lives.

It also shows how well off the people working in the Oppenheim Group’s Orange County, California office are.

Fans of this “Selling Sunset” spinoff are probably curious how much money Kayla Cardona and the other characters have earned.

People want to know how Kayla made her money and how much she is worth now because she was a big part in season 1 of the show and has a story.

Kayla Cardon
Kayla Cardon

Selling The OC’s Kayla Cardona Net Worth: How Much The Agent Earned In Her Career

Kayla Cardona of “Selling the OC” works as a real estate agent, so the deals she makes determine how much money she has. However, she probably won around a million dollars.

To figure out how much Kayla is worth, we need to look at the average value of the properties she’s sold and all the other ways she’s made money over her career.

Although it may not look like it, the average price of its most recent sales was $4 million. Real estate has helped people like Chelsea Lazkini make a lot of money.

Additionally, season one of “Selling the OC” stated that Oppenheim Group staff are selling most high-end homes in Orange County for 3% of the purchase price as a commission.

The selling agent, the buying agent and each of their brokers then receive a portion of this money. In other words, for each property she manages, Kayla receives around 0.75% of the sale price.

Kayla probably closes ten deals every year, so it’s hard not to be impressed with the money she makes. A bartender also earns between $25,000 and $30,000 a year in Orange County.

We think Kayla’s net worth is close to $1 million after taking into account her extra money from bikini competitions in the past and any taxes she may have to pay.

Is Kayla Cardona married? Does she have a husband?

Kayla Cardona has stated that she is not married or has a husband on the show. The TV star is currently single.

The real estate agent, on the other hand, has a child. Over the past 12 years, the single mom has held many jobs in many different fields. People also thought she was married to Tyler Stanaland because of an event on the show.

Tyler was uncomfortable when Kayla, who was drunk, tried to kiss him, but he tried to stay calm so as not to make her feel bad. In a recent podcast interview with Reality Life with Kate Casey, he talked about it.

Also, in Episode 6, Kayla tried to make up for what she had done. Tyler said he was sorry and told her that her marriage was not in danger. He said he and his wife were very close.

There aren’t many TV shows where stars talk about their relationships. But Kayla isn’t on the list because she doesn’t want the public to know her.

Meet Kayla Cardona on the Netflix show “Selling the OC”

When Kayla Cardona started getting comments about the Selling the OC cast on social media, she was happy to be working at her old brokerage.

Kayla says that when the casting directors called her back, she almost “said no right away.” But she didn’t. And because of this choice, his life could have changed.

The Orange County realtor is one of 11 who work for and report to Jason and Brett Oppenheim. If you loved how Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause fell in love, this show is for you.

Selling Sunset, which had many competitors and was popular, is the show’s predecessor. The OC sale is taking place at the Oppenheim Group’s brand new office in Orange County, California.

Kayla Cardona is a 33-year-old real estate agent from Orange County born in 1989. She works for the Oppenheim Group and sells high-end homes. She also won the Executive Club Award, given to the top 1% of real estate agents.

On August 24, 2022, “Selling the OC”, a film by James Oppenheim, was released on Netflix. This put Kayla in the news. She and other Oppenheim Group agents like Alexandra Rose, Brandi Marshall and Polly Brindle became well known.

Kayla Cardona at a women’s bodybuilding competition

Cardona used to compete in bodybuilding contests, which may be new to some of you. You’ve come to the right place if you know a bit more about her and want to know more about her life.

Having a traumatic childhood

Kayla Cardona, 33, was born in California in 1989. Her parents don’t have social media accounts and don’t like to be online, so there is no information about them. Sources tell us the reality show star has an older sister.

She was only one year old when her parents decided to divorce. This made it difficult for her as a child. Her mother used to tell her father that she would call the police and press charges against him for sexually harassing the children. Cardona’s father was so afraid of losing his children that he never kissed or touched them. In short, we can say that Kay’s childhood was scary.

Cardona said in an interview that she left her mother’s house to join her father because she hated the woman who gave birth to her.

Kayla Cardon
Kayla Cardon

Homeless and pregnant at 17

Kayla was still in high school when she found out she was going to be a mom. Her parents didn’t know she was dating a guy. When her father found out, he was so angry that he told Kayla never to come see him again. But he came back later to look for her.

Cardona’s parents gave her a choice: either she could keep the child and leave home, or she could stay home and find a family to adopt the child. The woman chose the second option, but she changed her mind and decided to keep the child. Her parents then dropped her off at a children’s shelter.

Kayla went to see the father of her child and discovered that he was already married and about to become a father. Because he was the only person she could talk to, it completely broke Cardona. From there, she started having mental problems.

On her 18th birthday, she was moved to another Orange County shelter called Casa Teresa, where she gave birth to her son. In this new refuge, the women she met treated her like their daughter. She felt at home for the first time.

Try every day to make a living

After finishing high school at the shelter, she got a few jobs, but since she didn’t have a car, she had to take the bus everywhere with a baby in her arms. Every day the woman cried, and every day was like a new challenge for her.

But she saved enough money over time to buy a used Lexus worth $2,000. Things started to look up for her. She had to leave the shelter one day and her new boyfriend invited her to stay with him and his family. But that didn’t work out, so she later moved in with her high school sweetheart.

Later, Kay also had to leave her friend’s house and she had to live in her car, praying that no one would look inside. Then her aunt helped her and let her stay at home, but half of Kayla’s stuff was stolen. . Kayla decided to rent a room after her family robbed her.

Oppenheim Group star agent Kayla Cardona

Take a new start

Over time, she saw that she had to do something. As soon as she turned 21, she got a job serving bottles in a nightclub and made a lot of money. She also completed beauty school and, after an internship at a men’s salon, opened a hair salon.

She started working out to get in shape and competed in bodybuilding contests. Kayla decided to go into real estate after working for a while in the fitness industry. She took the required course, passed the background check, and then got her realtor’s license.

Cardona worked hard and was honest in this new field, just as he did in bodybuilding. The woman sold properties worth millions of dollars while working for the Oppenheim Group. Kayla’s success in OC (Orange County) is partly due to the fact that she has lived there since birth. Currently, Cardona is believed to be in the top 1% of real estate agents.

Can you tell me how old Kayla Cardona is?

Answer: 33 (from 2022). (from 2022).

How old was Kayla Cardona when she was born?

Answer: 1989.

What does the name of Kayla Cardona’s son mean?

Answer: Jordan.

How much does Kayla Cardona have in her bank account?

Answer: $2.57 million.

How much does Kayla Cardona earn per year?

Some estimates say she earns between $600,000 and $700,000 a year.

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