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Bill Nye and Brannon Braga tease natural disasters in ‘Nye’s End’

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Brannon, you are one of those people who have done a great job in the field of science fiction. What is your target audience for such a show?

Brannon Braga: All. We’re all in this together, whether it’s five years or 95 years. The show’s interests are in the broader humanitarian interests, so it really is a show for everyone. This may not be a show for everyone, because in the first 30 minutes it is quite scary. There are catastrophes depicted that are quite harrowing, but the second half is meant to inspire optimism in terms of how we can make sense of it.

Bill, you’ve obviously been on a lot of different shows about science and educating people and making them aware of it. How does this target audience compare to some of your previous shows?

Bill Hyou: it [for] general audiences. By that I mean that the Science Guy show was made for people aged 10 and under because we had very convincing research back in the 20th century that 10 years is about as long as you can be. to get this so-called lifelong passion for science or passion for anything. [“The End Is Nye”] is intended for a general audience, people who watch TV of all ages. But it’s a disaster for everyone. I don’t want to shock you. Everything goes wrong.

Can you talk about some of the natural disasters we’ll see in this first season?

Braga: There is so much. We have several hurricanes happening at the same time, including a category six. We have a supervolcano erupting in Montana. We have comets – a chain of pearly comets, which means multiple impacts of comets. What else do we have? Oh, the solar flare caused a global power outage. These are just some of them.

Nay: We have a comet impact. We have a giant earthquake. We have a volcano. We have a severe drought. We got it all.

Are we touching on any issues related to the pandemic, or are we avoiding it?

Nay: Pandemic will probably be a second season – because we’re in a pandemic so we haven’t done it yet.

Braga: Oh, and one of our signature moments is that Bill Nye gets killed somehow in every episode. [Joking] It was the only fun part of the show for me.

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