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This is the correct order to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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The original conclusion to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the third film released in 2007, takes us to the ends of the world and then right above it. As our heroes try to rescue Jack from Davy Jones’ locker, a war breaks out between the pirates and the East India Trading Company, in which Davy Jones himself is trapped as Lord Beckett’s personal lap dog. “At World’s End” is the culmination of the last two films, with satisfying character arcs, stunning battle scenes, and Hans Zimmer’s flawless soundtrack that will make you feel something you didn’t think you’d feel when watching a Disney movie. pirates. Of all the Pirates films, this one is the most intense.

Although the series continues after that, “At World’s End” marks the end of the original Pirates story, and many of the main cast leave after they stop the world from, well, ending. Even Jack Sparrow is learning something from his experience here, giving up his own dreams and presumed destiny for something he never had: true love. This dashing epic goes on and on, and because of its massive success, there was no doubt that Disney would continue the franchise beyond Gore Verbinski’s original vision for the series. Although Verbinski will also leave, the world of Pirates will continue and open up new horizons beyond what the original films ever promised.

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