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The Shameless Star You Forgot Appeared in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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During a season 2 episode “Senior students and analysis of general biology”, Ned Bigby is called to give a tour of James K. Polk High School to a psychopath fifth grader named Palmer Noid, played by none other than Cameron Monaghan. Monaghan is best known for his role as Ian Gallagher in Shameless, an ambitious and strong-willed member of the Gallagher clan who often finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Although Monaghan is much younger at the time of his appearance in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, it’s somewhat comical that Palmer Noid shares many of the destructive tendencies that characterize Monaghan’s iconic Shameless character (including one particularly wild moment when Ian blows up a van). after stopping medication for bipolar disorder). Throughout the episode, we watch this manic fifth grader break into lockers with a crowbar to search through their belongings and steal people’s clothes so they have to walk around the school naked.

While Monaghan’s appearance in Week Declassified is exceptionally brief, it’s certainly very memorable, especially given how similar some of Palmer’s actions are to Ian’s in Shameless.

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