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The 7 Best and 7 Worst Shameless Episodes

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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According to Allison Johnson of Young Folks“Crazy love” that is currently hovering around 9 on IMDb, “is the epitome of Shameless at his best.” In this mid-Season 5 episode, a newly married Fiona reacts violently to the arrival of the long-lost Jimmy at Patsy’s Diner. Initially unimpressed by his account of forced slave labor in a cocoa processing plant in the Brazilian rainforest, she eventually feels moved by his return. Despite her new marital commitment, they sleep together, drawing deep regret from Fiona and deep disappointment from the other Gallaghers. In addition, Kev and Vee deal with their own relationship conflicts caused by the baby, everyone ignores the sick and unconscious Frank, and Sammy’s half-sister seizes control of the Gallagher household, demanding payment for food and imposing a curfew on the team.

Most importantly, however, after years of hinting at Ian’s fragile mental state, he finally experiences a psychotic break – and we see a heartbreaking series of subsequent events in which he runs away from Mickey (and from Chicago) with baby Eugene in tow. .

As Michael Wumpler from Smash Cut says: “This episode is filled with emotional punches in the gut and is simply amazing from scene to scene,” and we completely agree with this. From Fiona’s betrayal to Ian’s horrifying spiral into manic depression, this episode offers a painfully urgent narrative, boasting hard-hitting drama, layered characters, and impressive emotional depth under a veneer of outrageous comedy.

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