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Seth MacFarlane Starts Working on Beloved Cartoon Network Classics

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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talking to WIRED In May 2022, Seth MacFarlane answered some of the most popular questions about him on Google. One of those questions included, “Did Seth MacFarlane work on Johnny Bravo?”

“I was working on Johnny Bravo,” MacFarlane replied. “I actually started my career at Hanna-Barbera/Cartoon Network.” The future Family Guy creator was a writer and part-time storyboard artist for what at the time was one of Cartoon Network’s most beloved shows. But he only worked for the first season. “And then they all fired us and hired new guys,” he said, “and, you know, then the show went awry.”

MacFarlane is no doubt a bit of a joke, but Johnny Bravo ran for 4 seasons and 179 episodes between 1997 and 2004 (via IMDb). His subject, titled Mr. Bravo, was a self-proclaimed womanizer whose selfish demeanor was matched only by his stupidity. Despite its premise, and despite the inclusion of a fair amount of adult humor and innuendo in every episode, Johnny Bravo was ostensibly a children’s show. His first few years on the air were still relatively early days for Cartoon Network and long before Adult Swim premiered in 2001. William Fisher Collider quotes creator Van Partible in the Johnny Bravo DVD commentary: “Nobody actually watched Cartoon Network… As for the content, they were pretty lenient.”

As for MacFarlane, he wasn’t the only writer to be fired during the series’ run. “Johnny Bravo went through a lot of retooling during its run,” Fisher wrote, “and the changes in look and tone were so noticeable that it’s all the more impressive that the show retained audiences.”

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