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Rider Wife, Net Worth, Family and Relationship Timeline

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The FIA ​​Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship will be held in 2022 and Daniel Ricciardo will be one of the competitors. In Formula 1 competition, he is a member of the McLaren team.

According to the most recent reports, however, Ricciardo will leave McLaren at the end of this season’s racing competition. It was mutually agreed by him and the racing team that they should be out of contract a year early. They collectively decided to work together in the remaining nine races of the year.

In 2021, the Australian driver signed a three-year contract with McLaren. At the Monza event the previous year, he competed alongside Lando Norris and helped the team win for the first time since 2012. Ricciardo, on the other hand, struggled to keep up with the outstanding performances of his teammate.

F1 fans have spoken about the driver’s personal life amid the situation after the official statement of Ricciardo’s decision was made by Formula 1 team McLaren. They have a hunch that Ricciardo’s departure could be linked to his blossoming romance with Heidi Berger. But does he plan to move permanently?

Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo
Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo

Are Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo a couple?

It looked like Daniel Ricciardo and Heidi Berger had taken their relationship to the next level by confirming their growing romance. On Instagram, the two posted their photos.

Ricciardo and Berger recently returned from their vacation. Throughout their California trekking adventure, they traveled together.

Additionally, Berger posted a video of Ricciardo on the hiking excursion on Instagram, where she shared her experience with Instagram. She said in the caption, “Heidi was forced out of her comfort zone,”

Daniel Ricciardo and Heidi Berger travel together.

In December of the previous year, the couple were seen together in New York. After that, in June of the same year, they were seen on video taking a helicopter ride, which was also caught on camera. At the racetracks, where Ricciardo competed, Berger also stood out a few times. All of these things, taken together, paint a clear picture of Ricciardo and Berger’s current tenor in their relationship. Despite this, there are still two that have not provided official confirmation.

Jemma Boskovich, who he dated while at university, was the last person publicly linked to Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo. In 2016, he ended his relationship with her. After that, model Jessica Gomes, who grew up in Perth, reportedly dated the racing driver, although neither of them ever officially acknowledged their connection.

Who is Heidi Berger? The girlfriend of F1 star Daniel Ricciardo

Heidi Berger aspires to become an actress. She is a student at New York University and her age is 24 years old. She’s been there for a year.

After graduating in 2014, the comedian uprooted her life and continued her theater training in London. Before that, she had residences in Monaco and Lisbon.

According to the information presented on the IMDB site, Heidi appeared in five different films. She appeared as an actress in the famous Portuguese television series Onde Esta Elisa, in which she played the role of Elisa Menezes, a rich girl who mysteriously disappears from the family estate.

Heidi Berger is an aspiring actress and was rumored to be dating Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

In fact, Berger is the daughter of ten-time Grand Prix winner Gerhard Berger. In the late 1980s, her father was a well-known figure. During his half-decade racing career, he competed for the McLaren and Ferrari teams.

Along the same lines, Berger’s mother is the famous Portuguese model Ana Corvo. Ana Corvo was a star on the catwalks and in Portuguese films for several years before becoming Berger’s mother. In Heidi’s family there is also a sister named Sara Maria.

As of 2022, the stunning actress has a net worth of one million dollars while Ricciardo has a net worth of fifty million dollars.

Heidi Berger is the daughter of former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger and former model Ana Corvo.

After finishing high school in 2014 and spending the following year in London to study acting, he submitted an application to be part of the ensemble cast of the soap opera Anica Mulher, which airs on the TVI channel. In 2016, after being cast in the role, she launched her acting career under the name Leonor.

After his performance on A Só Mulher, he went on to star in several other award-winning productions for Portuguese television, including 3 Mulheres and Onde Está Elisa?, in which he directed the main character. After some time, she moved to New York in order to advance her career globally.

Heidi Berger Filmography

  • 2018-2020: Where is Elisa? (TV series)
  • 2018-2019: 3 women (TV shows)
  • 2018: Meiberger – Im Kopf des Täters (TV series)
  • 2017: Trakehnerblut (TV series)
  • 2016-2017: The only woman (serial)

Daniel Ricciardo’s Parents and Ethnicity

Joe and Grace Ricciardo are the proud parents of their son, Daniel Ricciardo. Although he comes from a well-educated family, he is not from a family with a racing history. Her mother is a stay-at-home parent and her father, Joe, works in the mining industry.

After winning the Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo celebrated with his parents.

Ricciardo was born in Australia to parents of European descent. Her grandfather was born in Ficarra, Italy, but her father settled in Perth, Western Australia. Her mother was born and raised in Australia. Ricciardo considers himself lucky to have a loving sister named Michelle in his family.

The Formula 1 driver has never revealed anything about his personal life to anyone. Even though he posts under the handle @danielricciardo on Instagram, he is not very open to discuss his personal life, especially his family.

Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo
Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo

Personal life of Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Joseph Ricciardo was born on July 1, 1989 in Perth, Western Australia to parents who were originally from Italy but later immigrated to Australia. His father, Giuseppe “Joe” Ricciardo, was born in the town of Ficarra (now known as Messina), but moved to Australia with his family when he was just seven years old. Grace, Ricciardo’s mother, was born in Australia, but both her parents are from Casignana, their country of origin (Calabria). Also, Ricciardo has a sister named Michelle. [16] While Ricciardo was growing up in Duncraig, which is one of Perth’s northern suburbs, his earliest memories of motorsport were watching his father compete at Barbagallo Raceway in nearby Wanneroo. He received his secondary education at Newman College. At the age of nine, he made his debut in karting.

Ricciardo pronounces his last name “Ricardo” (listen) rather than the Italian pronunciation “Rit-tchar-do”. He attributes this pronunciation to how his family and others in Australia usually called him when he was growing up there. He is commonly referred to as “the honey badger”, which refers to his running style and explains how he got his nickname. “It’s said to be the least fearful animal in the whole animal kingdom. But as soon as someone crosses their territory in a way they don’t like, they get a little wild and they’re takes on everything – tigers, pythons – he veers very fast, but he’s a good guy. He looks quite cute and cuddly when you first look at him, but as soon as someone crosses his territory in a way he doesn’t like, he turns into “Growing up, Ricciardo was a big fan of Dale Earnhardt, a driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. In honor of Earnhardt, Ricciardo chose number 3 as his racing number.

Ricciardo is a huge fan of the West Coast Eagles, who play in the Australian Football League. In 2015 and 2016 he had the most subscriptions for the club. He is also a huge UFC fan.

Net worth of Daniel Ricciardo

Reports state that in 2020, Ricciardo earned an annual income of $29 million and had a net worth of $50 million.

Daniel Ricciardo signed a contract with Renault in August 2018 that will keep him with the company for the next two years and will pay him an incredible $35 million a year. Under the terms of his prior agreement with Red Bull, he received an annual salary of $6 million. In 2021, Ricciardo became the seventh highest earning Formula 1 driver on the grid when he signed a contract with McLaren which paid him an annual salary of $17 million. Despite this, it has been reported that Ricciardo has reduced his compensation to $15 million for the current season, which is a step backwards.

Daniel bought a Beverly Hills mansion for $13 million in November 2018.

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