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Reality shows that ended because they ran out of business

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Not all reality shows with nothing to do are complete failures. In fact, Animal Planet’s River Monsters successfully ran for nine seasons. However, after years of catching the most vicious predators lurking in our freshwater and saltwater rivers, host Jeremy Wade said in a press release (via microphone), “Some shows can go on forever, but our theme is finite. Ten years ago, I had a list in my head that seemed incredibly ambitious at the time, but now everyone is ticked off—and some more.”

The series, directed by biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade, has allowed viewers from all over the world to explore the fearsome creatures that live in the depths of rivers and lakes. Wade’s exciting and educational episodic quests will consist of catching the fish in question and teaching viewers the misunderstood specimen. These dangerous adventures led him face to face with a massive ray, a nearly six-foot electric eel, a seven-foot sawfish, and an 80-pound arapaima, among other discoveries.

Fans were disappointed that the show was over, and of course the executives were even more disappointed after they lost one of their best shows (via Wrapper). To fill the void left, Wade has returned to the waterways with a new series for Discovery called Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters, in which he explores the greatest mysteries of water.

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