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Jameela Jameel’s character in She-Hulk answers a question that literally no one has asked

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Minor spoilers for She-Hulk Episode 2 after this point…

Titania’s professional choice is casually mentioned at the beginning of the second episode, where the news ticker reads “Super Powerful Man Causes Panic”. Now, this is obviously a far cry from the origins of Titania from the comics, given that the influencers didn’t even exist in the 1980s when it was created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck. So it’s safe – even necessary – to assume that She-Hulk is counting on our current cultural understanding of the word for context.

If there were improved personalities in our world, it can be assumed that at least one of them would go down the path of influence. There will be videos on YouTube with titles like “I flew to Paris for breakfast (NOT CLICKBATE)” or “Can my laser vision go through THIS?!?!!” Some speedster will inevitably broadcast himself, breaking the sound barrier, and then his phone, and let’s not even think about nasty prank videos.

All of which goes to show that the term “influencer” is rarely used to describe a person who is generally likable, at least when used inside another medium. Giving such people superpowers will definitely not lead to a positive result. With that in mind, while literally no one asked for a boosted influencer, perhaps turning the antagonist into one for modern audiences was actually a brilliant move. This immediately makes the character restless, which few other careers can afford.

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