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Huge gamble Showrunner Andora knows what he’s up to with the Star Wars community

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Andor is clearly going to be a very different beast from the wild adventures of Dean Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grog, and showrunner Tony Gilroy is taking some risks with the series. At a Disney press event for Andor that Looper attended, the Rogue One writer remarked that it simply wouldn’t exist without the huge Star Wars community around the world. “That’s what gave us the money, the momentum, and the opportunity to make a show that’s going to be so insanely big, so rich, and so difficult,” he said. “This audience is our main concern, and we want to convey to them something completely different than what they had before.”

The showrunner also explained that while they focused on making the story feel grounded and real, the goal was to do it in a way that delivers what longtime fans are looking for in a Star Wars series while also attracting new audiences. . Andora has “the smallest domestic dramas and the smallest interpersonal relationships that fall in the midst of epic tectonic revolutionary historical moments when people have to make important decisions. Can we attract another audience that is also interested in this? Can we marry these two things together? It’s gambling,” concluded Gilroy.

The full trailer for Andora has definitely won fans over with its fast-paced action and stunning visuals, so hopefully the series will resonate with a wider audience as well, because it’s something new. It also has nothing to do with the Skywalker saga, so newcomers don’t need to watch its nine films in preparation for Andor when it starts streaming on September 21st.

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