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Here’s Who Was Really Behind She-Hulk’s Hilarious Captain America Joke

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Captain America’s personal life has been discussed for years, with Evans admitting that the character is “probably a virgin” (via E! online). Although Avengers: Endgame ends with Steve going back in time to reunite with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), She-Hulk Attorney finally sets the record for the character’s bedroom experience. According to series creator Jessica Gao, this revealing element of the hero’s stellar past was endorsed by none other than Kevin Feige, chief creative officer and president of Marvel Studios (via Term). In a recent interview, Gao went into detail about Jen’s interest in Captain America and how Feige helped incorporate those details of the character’s history into the series.

“There are all these little moments where she obviously hit on her friends talking about [Captain America’s virginity] to nausea. It was just an obsession for her,” Gao explained. Collider. “And actually Kevin volunteered to say, ‘Let’s give them an answer.’ And I’m like, “What do you mean? There’s an answer and we can tell people?” He was the one who actually introduced it. Kevin has such great ideas.”

If anyone knows the answer to that elusive question, it’s Feige, who worked as a producer on Captain America: The First Avenger and a long list of other Marvel projects (via IMDb). Thanks to him, fans can rest easy knowing that Steve Rogers has taken full advantage of life’s many joys.

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