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Fans Have Theories About Who Jackie’s Husband Could Be On The ’90s Show

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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With That ’70s Show heavily focused on the gang’s romantic relationships, it only makes sense that fans would speculate about who ended up with who. And given that Jackie’s personal life was very important to the show’s storytelling, one fan p/That70sShow subreddit to think out loud about who Jackie married. redditor you / marie_g10 got in touch with their fellow fans and asked who they think could be Jackie’s husband in the upcoming “That ’90s Show”. They suggested that since Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are married in real life, it would make sense for their characters to also be married on the show.

With over 100 votes, many fans seem to agree with u/marieg10. However, given the character’s turbulent relationship, some didn’t seem to be convinced that Pair of Kelso/Jackie will actually work in the canon of the show. Commentator you/eli454 explained their relationship in a nutshell: “There is a reason why these two broke up several times. They weren’t right for each other… As far as Jackie and Kelso, it really just consisted of Jackie bossing him around and Kelso taking it because he doesn’t really have a backbone.”

But in a comment that got over 80 votes, you/berrybunniez seems to best sum up the argument for Jackie and Kelso’s marriage: “I think it will be Kelso as well. married in real life, I think that’s what writers will go for.”

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