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Cynthia Addai-Robinson and Tristan Gravel Disch on Númenórean Politics and Complicated Characters – Exclusive Interview

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Tristan, Pharazon is a strong character. He is a mortal man who literally takes over Sauron at some point, but he is also afraid of death which [showrunners] Patrick [McKay] and JD [Payne] also listed as the main topic here. How did the character balance between absolute power and fear of death?

Gravel: It is very interesting for me to play Pharazon, because [with] a lot of characters, you see character, and the longer something goes on, the more nuanced it gets. It unfolds and you see different sides of the character. I think you will see Pharazon… you will see this character, this many-sided character. But what happens is that before any altruism, the more altruistic you become, there is a narrowing down of one thing to be learned, so it will become more intense. All of a sudden you will find yourself in some kind of rabbit hole or some kind of barrel, I think, with what you are trying to do for the good of your people.

Addai-Robinson: What I think is really cool is that it will be a trap when you know where the character will end up. You need to start somewhere to be able to progress to that point.

Gravel: Indeed.

Addai-Robinson: What I really like about your image is that it has human feelings before they become something more. You don’t want to start out as a cartoon villain.

Gravel: Absolutely.

Addai-Robinson: It seems to be very reasonable, and there are many nuances in it. What I really like about your character is that you have to start somewhere. Its beginning is to know where the arc ultimately leads, it will be much more powerful, because when it begins, you are just a person who has faith. You believe that what you are doing is right, but it must start from a certain path.

Gravel: Thank you.

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