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10 Exciting Movies Like The Goonies Every 80s Kid Will Love

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine is an American Film Critic, writer, and journalist. She received a postgraduate degree in Film and Media Studies and has contributed several articles for top magazines. Her film criticisms were published on leading websites and have gained massive popularity. Besides film criticism, she loves to write about recent hot topics of celebrities and breaking news.

A cult film that isn’t afraid to revel in its magical setting, Labyrinth is a far cry from the typical fantasy realm romp. Thanks to the masterful puppetry of the brilliant Jim Henson and the antagonist, played by a certain eccentric English singer, almost every frame of this classic is unmistakably 80s.

Teenage Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is completely fed up with her little stepbrother Toby (Toby Froud). One night while she is watching him, she finds Toby holding her cherished teddy bear and, having lost her mind due to his constant crying, she wishes for him to be taken by the Goblin King. We’re not sure if she really expected Jareth (David Bowie) to show up in her room to fulfill her wish. Begging for a chance to undo the damage she caused, Jareth offers Sarah one opportunity to free her little brother from his clutches. There’s just one catch: her journey will take her through Jareth’s treacherous labyrinth, a labyrinth filled with traps, puzzles, and numerous bizarre creatures. To make matters worse, she is given 13 hours to complete a difficult task, at the end of which Toby will forever be taken to the goblin realm.

While Labyrinth doesn’t have that “group of kids on an adventure” dynamic that we all loved in The Stooges, Labyrinth more than makes up for it by seeing Sarah encounter some truly wacky characters along her perilous path. journey, from the clumsy Ludo and the perpetually grouchy dwarf Hoggle to the restless Sir Didymus. Plus, any movie that has David Bowie starting to sing and dance with a legion of puppets by his side is a must-see.

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