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Where is Lucas Higdon of my 600 pound life now?

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Those who have followed Higdon’s journey in My 600 Pound Life will be delighted to know that not only is he continuing his wellness journey, but he is taking steps towards his dream career. On his personal facebook On the page, Higdon posts regular updates on his progress.

In December 2021, he told how he could not walk for 5 minutes before. “Now I can go half a mile (0.8 km) before I need a little break,” he said. A month later, Higdon announced that he had received an IT certification from Google Coursera and would soon move on to studying cybersecurity. Although he has admitted to battling bouts of depression, Higdon said he attends therapy as well as his personal training sessions.

The last update appeared in March 2022. “Sorry to be missing,” he wrote. “Things are going great! I was just very busy and developed through life. Was the most active I’ve ever been.”

It also seems that he has learned a lot from Dr. No and continues to follow his instructions. On Reddit, in response to a summer 2022 fan query about Dr. No’s controversial 1,200-calorie diet and avoiding certain foods, Higdon said, writing under a username. u/Sum0s4mur4i“Mostly, I think it’s because he wants us to make it a habit to eat right, eat less and eat less often. We have to train ourselves to do this, and frankly… you never can, especially if you are a food addict.”

Despite the difficulties of Higdon’s undertaking, it seems that he is still successfully moving towards a brighter future.

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