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Isabelle May from 1883 tells the bitter truth about filming in the harsh Texas heat

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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During a speech at “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Isabelle May recalled what it was like to film 1883 in Texas. In a conversation with Clarkson, May noted: “Sweat was running down the parts of my body, I didn’t know that sweat could flow.” However, while May was quick to acknowledge how frustrating filming 1883 really was in such very hot conditions, the actor didn’t go so far as to actually complain about the experience.

Instead, May claims that she actually believes the weather conditions on the set of 1883 helped her and her co-stars better understand and portray the arduous journeys their characters take throughout the series. “You know, I liked it a little too,” May said. “You kind of want to be miserable because that’s exactly what [our characters were experiencing]The actor added, “It was so authentic. [on set]. It was so real. It was so intuitive that I don’t think many of us acted when it came to weather.”

May’s comments in particular echo many of her 1883 co-stars when discussing Paramount+. In fact, in April, Tim McGraw even revealed Term“We were either hot or cold. The shower was a little, until I was forced from time to time. It was hard work.” However, like May, McGraw added that he and his co-stars were willing to deal with the show’s weather because it helped them bring the harsh realities of “1883” to life.

“We were so dedicated and believed in this story so much. This is true. We wanted to do our best to make it happen,” McGraw said.

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