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Fans think this compromise would have changed Nathan and Angela’s rehearsal dynamic.

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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The tension between Nathan Fielder and Angela comes to a head in episode 5 when Fielder finally confronts Angela. On the face of it, the conflict comes from Fielder’s dissatisfaction with how Angela isn’t taking rehearsal seriously enough.

However, in Reddit In discussions on the show, redditor u/manbearkat pointed out that the main problem is that Angela is preventing Fielder, who played her partner in fatherhood rehearsal, from incorporating Jewish elements into their “baby” upbringing, prompting Fielder to get personal. “He went beyond the initial discussion to get personal and not let go,” they wrote. “Angela left because he was passive-aggressive in response. If she had also agreed to raise Adam Jewish, Nathan would have left her.”

User you/katsupatri agree so far you/barbie builder thought the same, but felt that the problem was not with religion in particular, but with Angela’s uncompromising nature in general. “I don’t think it was specifically about religion, but rather her unwillingness to compromise for the sake of the relationship and raising a child,” they wrote. “Because Angela was who she is, she constantly brought up religion, and if she didn’t like something, she found a way to make it religious.”

Fans may be right in their assumptions about Angela’s unwillingness to compromise, as the video of her leaving the show after episode 5 (via Diversity), she noted that one of the reasons was that she was not in control of the situation and no consensus could be reached. However, she also pointed out the main premise of the show: what could have been about Fielder all this time. “It felt more like Nathan’s rehearsal than mine,” Angela said. “And since we haven’t agreed on how to proceed, I’m not the boss, so it’s time for me to leave and let Nathan do his thing.”

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