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Enchanted fans weigh in on Reboot’s new set of powers

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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As in the original series, the sisters’ powers go through an evolutionary course. Even in the first season, Macy, Mel, and Maggie start out with one power that quickly evolves into multiple abilities. But after their auras were stripped in the second season, they were powerless. It wasn’t until they found the black amber that they were able to restore their abilities. And while it was a relief, many fans on Reddit noticed how different the new abilities are. Almost too different.

“Did [Mel] to turn from a witch of time into a molecular one? Redditor asked. you / BBQ2018, referring to her previous ability to travel through time. After her powers were stripped, her new abilities revolved around freezing and melting objects. While a Reddit user liked that Mal’s abilities seemed to mirror those of Piper, it added to the confusion as to how she could develop them. Many Reddit users seemed to agree that there was a gap in the logic behind her ability development. Especially since in the original series, some of the sisters only had two powers. However, some fans had an answer explaining Mel’s new magic.

“I interpreted her new molecular abilities as part of Time Magic (the kind that deals with speeding up and slowing down processes),” he wrote. you/hochumaster479. ‘Til she freezes in [S]Season 1 was the temporal aspect of her time magic.”

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