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Are Jason Aldean and Logan Crosby related? Candidate for fame and his famous family

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Internet users are sure that Jason Aldean and Logan Crosby are related. In Claim to Fame, he tried to hide the fact that the musician is his famous cousin.

In these shows, the twelve contestants, each of whom is related to a famous person, must figure out which famous people the other contestants are related to while keeping their own celebrity ties a secret. They do this while living in a house together.

In each episode, the candidates compete against each other. The winner can skip the next round and gets an additional clue about another player. Logan has been one of the safest competitors so far.

Logan Crosby
Logan Crosby

Are Logan Crosby and Jason Aldean related?

After the first episode of Claim to Fame aired, many viewers took to Twitter to talk about who Logan Crosby might be linked to. Even after the seventh episode, people still have ideas.

Most people said country singer Luke Bryan was the answer. And plenty of other Cyberians said Logan reminded them of Luke, which might be true.

Some of the other guesses were Jason Aldean. Additionally, the contestant said his cousin had won an award from the Academy of Country Music, and Jason seemed to fit the clue.

Some detectives, like people using social media, were able to find out more about the truth. And the guesses turned out to be correct.

Yes, Jason is a member of Logan’s family. They are connected

A Twitter user named @EmmaTolkin found proof that Logan said in a podcast that he was related to musician Jason Aldean.

In the podcast, he said the singer was close to his mother when they were kids. He also said that Jason was a big reason he decided to start a career in music.

Fame contestant Logan Crosby’s cousin is still a secret

Kevin and Frankie Jonas are the hosts of the reality show Claim to Fame. They had 12 famous parents living together in one house, which was difficult. To get fame and money, they have to hide who they are and where they come from.

During his stay, the candidate must perform the tasks that occur every week. Eliminations will also be based on challenges.

But there are clues in the challenges and around the house where the contestants stayed while filming the show that could show who they are and send them home without the $100,000 prize.

As of the last episode, there were only six players left and Logan Crosby kept his secret while advancing to the next stage of the competition.

While the other participants are still trying to figure out Crosby’s secret, some cyberians have already discovered it. He is the cousin of Jason Aldean. Even on Instagram, they both follow each other.

Now people are eager to see if other contestants can figure out Logan’s secret or if he can keep it to himself until the end.

Information about a member of Logan Crosby’s family

Some people thought that Tom Holland’s cousin, Logan Crosby, was part of Tom Holland’s family. Guesses were easy to make because he looked and was built like Tom.

Some people want to know more about his parents and family as they learn more about his famous relative. Todd Crosby and Kristie Crosby got it.

Since 1996, they have been married. Her father is 52 years old and her mother 49 years old. Her mother works at Medical Arts Pharmacy and her father is a special agent in charge at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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