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Who is he? Meet the shooter at Washington Freeman High School was sentenced to forty years in prison

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Caleb Sharpe: who is he? Meet the shooter at Washington Freeman High School was sentenced to forty years in prison

Caleb Sharpe, then 20, was convicted of the 2017 shooting at Freeman High School, in which one student was killed and three others injured. On Friday, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role in the incident.

Caleb Sharpe, a student at Freeman High School, brought a bag into the building on September 13, 2017, which included a revolver, an assault rifle, and numerous boxes of ammunition. He was later arrested for his actions.

He allegedly attempted to fire the gun, but was unable to load it because it was jammed. Caleb fired a gun at Sam Strahan, a fellow student, and shot him dead when he confronted him. Sam Strahan died at the scene. The prosecutor alleged that he then shot three other students, although none of them were killed.

Caleb Sharpe, born in October 2001, attended Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington when he was a student there. Sharpe led a school shooting on September 13, 2017, which left one child dead and three others injured.

Caleb Sharp
Caleb Sharp

Private life

Sharpe is a follower of the critically acclaimed television series “Breaking Bad.” Additionally, he suffered from a pathological preoccupation with mass school shootings. He had just started attending Freeman High School as a freshman.

Caleb Sharpe is a member of Brandi Sharpe’s family. Sharpe was remembered by his friends and classmates as reserved and, at times, odd.

Benjamin Sharpe is his father and he is Benjamin’s son.

File: Caleb-sharpe 51728 100×100.gif is the name of his online presence.
Getting shot by a friend.
On his YouTube channel, where he engaged in role-playing battles, including shooters and other activities, Sharpe was also known as “Mongo Walker”.

In a video titled “J-Baumb kills Mongo”, Sharpe and a friend can be seen chasing each other with toy guns and shooting at each other as they run. The gunshots have been made more realistic by adding sound effects.

He has an Instagram account where he posts derogatory memes for women.

Attacks on students at Freeman High School

Point a gun at the camera.
Sharpe was arrested on September 13, 2017, following a shooting he led at his school. The incident resulted in the death of Sharpe’s best friend, Sam Strahan, as well as injuries to three other classmates.
Sharpe had brought a duffel bag on the school bus with him, inside which he had a revolver, an assault-type semi-automatic rifle, and several boxes of .223 rifle ammunition.

As soon as Sharpe arrived at school, he headed straight for the second floor hallway. A little after ten o’clock in the morning, he threw away the duffel bag and pulled out the assault weapon. He attempted to load the gun, but it jammed almost immediately.

Sam Strahan, another student in the same class, approached Sharpe as the latter tried to load the gun. Strahan warned him, “I always knew you were going to shoot the school” and “You know this is going to get you in trouble.” Strahan also told him, “You know this is going to get you in trouble.” After that, Sharpe pulled the gun from its hiding place under his coat and fired a single shot, hitting Strahan in the stomach with it. After Strahan fell forward, Sharpe reloaded his gun and shot him once more, this time in the face.

Sharpe continued to wander and fire down the hallway, targeting and randomly killing three other students along the way. After firing her gun at a significant number of people, Sharpe finally knocked her to the ground. Joe Bowen, who worked as a janitor in high school, approached him at this point in the story. As Bowen moved closer, Sharpe made a submissive gesture as he raised his hands above his head. Sharpe had sent notes to a few of his friends in the days leading up to the shooting, in which he hinted that he intended to do something stupid.

Sharpe had accessed the safe that belonged to his father using the combination he knew how to use to obtain the weapons that were used in the shooting. According to Sharpe’s mother, he had written a note to himself about a week before killing himself. His school’s guidance counselor also knew he had suicidal thoughts.

Court proceedings

Sharpe is currently housed at the juvenile correctional facility that serves the county. The prosecution plans to charge Sharpe as an adult with the willful murder of his victim.

He also told authorities that he wanted to show everyone what happens when people bully others and that he wanted to teach everyone a lesson.

Caleb Sharp
Caleb Sharp

Biography of Caleb Sharpe

Caleb Sharpe had spent his entire life in the town of Spokane, Washington, and was only 15 at the time of the incident. According to an article in The Independent, the shooter was a mild-mannered, soft-spoken young man.

Erin Robinson

Erin Robinson


Caleb Sharpe, the Freeman school shooter in September 2017, finally expressed his regret for his actions for the first time since that terrible day.

“I want to apologize to the community. Please accept my apologies, Jordan, Gracie and Emma. And above all, I want to apologize to Ami and Emily for stealing Sam from them.


Sharpe was also a dedicated user of YouTube, where he uploaded movies under the pseudonym “Mungo Walker” and received a large number of views for his work. Her social media accounts were littered with fake shootings, gun-related stuff and anti-feminist memes.

According to the spokesperson’s report, Sharpe’s immaturity, mental health issues and learning disabilities, such as depression and untreated ADHD, played a role in the shooting. Sharpe reportedly struggled with feelings of isolation and emotionally abusive behavior from her father, according to psychotherapist Craig Beaver.

Beaver went on to say that prior to the shooting, Sharpe wrote two messages expressing his intention to end his life and became increasingly isolated. Another factor that troubled him was the fact that his family had moved many times and his in-laws had eventually left the family home.

Esther Bower

It’s Esther Bower.

@estherbower tv

STATUS UPDATE: The judge just sentenced Caleb Sharpe to forty years in prison.



An assistant prosecutor by the name of Sharon Hundland also spoke about Sharpe’s concerns about her mental health:

“I think he was depersonalizing himself and was lost in his own brain,” you might say.

Stephanie Vigil

Stephanie Vigil


Caleb Sharpe, the Freeman School shooter, was given a sentence ranging from 40 years to life in prison, according to the latest news.


In his words:

It was and still is a problem for him to have obsessive and compulsive tendencies.

According to Fox, Sharpe issued an apology in court to his victims and their parents, including Sam Strahan’s mother:

“There’s only one thing I can really say about this. And for that, please accept my apologies.

He added:

“That day opened my eyes to the true price of doing wrong. Whatever this community had to pay, my family was also responsible to pay. From that time until now, I have never let and will never let evil enter my heart.

The public attorney who represents Sharpe, Brooke Foley, said the young man’s immaturity as well as his mental health issues are reasons why his sentence should not be too harsh. According to Foley, the young man can be transformed if he receives the right treatment.

Stephanie Vigil

Stephanie Vigil


Caleb Sharpe, the Freeman School shooter, was given a sentence ranging from 40 years to life in prison, according to the latest news.


The public defender issued the following statement in reference to Sharpe:

The likelihood of him changing his ways and rehabilitating himself is high. Despite calls for blood, justice will proceed according to law.

Caleb Sharpe was tried as an adult and given a sentence. However, because he committed the act while still a minor, he was not sentenced to the seventy to ninety years in prison that school shooters in Washington usually receive for their crimes.

Freeman High School is a public high school located approximately 19 miles (31 kilometers) southwest of Spokane, Washington and north of Rockford, Washington. Freeman Elementary School, Freeman Middle School, and Freeman High School are all located on the contiguous campus that makes up the Freeman School District. This building is part of this institution.


Freeman High School is a member of the Northeast A League in Washington State. Here are some of the sports in which the school’s field teams:

Fall competitions include cross country, football, soccer and volleyball.

Winter: Wrestling, Basketball

The spring season includes competitions in baseball, golf, softball, tennis and track and field.

The nickname “Scotties” is given to all of Freeman’s sports teams. Until 2014, the primary and secondary schools together were called the Freeman Raiders. [4] Freeman student Margee Noble was the one who came up with the concept for the old Scottie dog logo.


The Rockford, Lindbergh, and Sunnyside school districts merged to become the Freeman School District in 1955; before 1940 there was another Freeman school district, but it was annexed by Lindbergh. The Freeman School District is located in the Rockford neighborhood of the city.

The shooting in 2017

Freeman was shot on September 13, 2017 by an assailant.

The attacker was a 15-year-old student named Caleb Sharpe. He smuggled two firearms into the school: an AR-15 rifle and a Colt 1903 handgun. After killing a child who was trying to stop the shot, Sharpe shot and killed himself.

Three additional students were injured and taken to hospital after the incident.

Sharpe was tried as an adult and his trial date was originally scheduled for October 5, 2020; however, due to COVID-19, the date was postponed to June 2021. However, before the trial began, Sharpe pleaded guilty, causing the trial to be postponed once again to January 2022. August 19 , Sharpe received a prison sentence ranging from forty years to life.

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