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Who is he? Investigation of the pyramid scheme and the billionaire theory

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Andrew Tate: who is he? Investigation of the pyramid scheme and the billionaire theory

A ban has been placed on controversial content creator and influencer Andrew Tate’s account on the Instagram and Facebook meta platforms.

Due to the fact that the former kickboxer violated policies “about harmful organizations and individuals”, social networks decided to remove him from their platforms. TikTok, in addition to the websites listed above, has taken action against its official account and banned it.

The social media sensation has a bad reputation online because of the offensive statements he made about women. The 35-year-old actor has also come under fire for sexist remarks he’s made in the past, such as calling female vigilantes “bulls**t”. He also featured the moment he claimed that women are to blame for being sexually assaulted and for not believing that men and women are equal in status.

In the past, Andrew Tate has been accused not only of physically assaulting his victims, but also of human trafficking and other forms of predatory behavior. Despite this, hypermasculinity advocates on the internet continue to show their support for the former Big Brother contestant.

It looks like Andrew Tate hasn’t let the fact that he’s been banned from major social media platforms dampen his enthusiasm. On August 19, 2018, during a webcast with Adin Ross, Tate said:

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

“I am aware that I am a constructive influence, it is true. A relatively small number of people have made the decision to launch a personal attack on me in which they will spread lies and attempt to falsify facts about me. To some extent… That’s a compliment to you.

Emory Andrew Tate III is a dual citizenship American and British online personality who once competed as a professional kickboxer. He was born on December 14, 1986. Tate’s rise to prominence began after he transitioned from a career in kickboxing to one in which he offered classes and paid memberships on his website. He later rose to fame for his work in influencer marketing. Tate has been the subject of controversy following allegedly misogynistic statements he allegedly made on various topics, including sexual assault, which resulted in him being banned from using social media platforms including Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

Career of Andrew Tate

Boxing by Tate in 2014.
Although Tate’s main occupation in 2009 is believed to have been selling television advertising, he had trained in boxing and martial arts since at least 2005. The same year he triumphed at the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight Championship held in Derby, England. As a result of his win, he climbed to No. 1 in his division standings across Europe. He claimed it was his first belt and first title, despite winning 17 of his 19 fights.

Tate defeated Jean-Luc Benoit by knockout to win his first ISKA world title in their rematch, which came after Tate had previously lost to Benoit by decision.

In 2013, Tate won his second ISKA world title in a fight that lasted 12 full rounds, cementing his status as world champion in two separate weight classes. The battle took place in Châteaurenard, which is located in France.

On his personal website, Tate provides instructions on how to amass wealth and have successful “man-woman dating.” According to the information provided on the site, he runs a webcam studio and employs his girlfriends in this capacity.

Tate is the owner of Hustler University, a private online university (not an official educational institution) where users pay a recurring membership fee in order to receive instruction in a variety of subjects, including dropshipping and cryptocurrency trading. In addition to this, members are entitled to a large commission for attracting new users to the website. In 2022, Tate rose to prominence after encouraging Hustler University students to upload a significant number of films of him to various social media websites. One such platform was TikTok, on which recordings of him had been viewed more than 11.6 billion times.

Tate has drawn attention for his tweets outlining his view of what constitutes sexual harassment in the context of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse cases, as well as for tweeting several statements outlining his view that victims of sexual assault share responsibility for their assaults. These tweets were posted amid Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse cases.

In 2017, Tate claimed that depression is not a real condition, which drew widespread criticism from the public. At various times, three of Tate’s Twitter accounts were locked off the platform. In 2021, Twitter confirmed an account it created to circumvent the previous ban it received for violating their standards. It appeared that the account was created as part of a promotion with Bugatti. After that, a permanent suspension was placed on the account and Twitter said the verification was a mistake that had been made.

Throughout 2022, Tate is considered to have become a cult figure on social media by a large number of young men who lack direction in many English-speaking countries. Tate is notably known for pandering to anti-feminist views.

The White Ribbon Campaign, a non-profit organization that advocates for the elimination of violence between men and women, considers Tate’s comments “extremely misogynistic” and is “concerned” about the potential long-term effects that his commentary will have. could have on young people. male audience to which it is addressed. Tate’s comments were aimed at a young male audience.

Tate was kicked off Facebook and Instagram in August 2022 for violating restrictions both platforms put in place regarding harmful organizations and individuals. Tate was also punished by video-sharing platform TikTok, which banned an account affiliated with it after discovering that videos using his name as a hashtag had more than 13 billion views. Regarding its films displaying “hateful ideology”, the company said it was working on stricter enforcement in order to address the issue.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Controversies of Andrew Tate

In 2016, Tate rose to prominence after being kicked out of the seventeenth season of Big Brother. It happened after a video emerged showing Tate allegedly assaulting a contestant with a belt, leading to the release of the tape. Tate said the acts were consensual and he was “great friends” with the woman portrayed in the film. He also said the actions were taken in a friendly manner.

Tate said in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel but has since been deleted that he made the decision to move to Romania because it was easier to be cleared of rape charges in the countries of Eastern Europe like Romania.

In April 2022, the Romanian Directorate for Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigations (DIICOT) issued a search warrant at Tate’s residence as part of an investigation into rape and human trafficking. The U.S. Embassy in Romania has been informed in the past that an American woman may be detained at the scene. The search led to the discovery of two missing women, one from the United States and the other from Romania. Romanian authorities said the investigation was still active as of April 2022. The alleged abduction was mentioned by a representative of the United States Department of State, but the spokesperson declined to comment further, citing privacy concerns. Tate claims he did nothing wrong.

Andrew Tate claims he is the first person in the world to be worth a trillion dollars.

Andrew Tate claims he is a billionaire, despite being one of the most reviled people on the internet. During a Twitch stream with Adin Ross, he made the following statement:

“For a very long time, I had no money. I was 27 when I made my first million, and I was 31 when I hit a total of one hundred million dollars. Not so long ago, I achieved trillionaire status, making me the world’s first trillionaire.

There is no evidence to back up Tate’s claim that he is a billionaire, despite his claim being made on credible news channels. The influencer is extremely unlikely to be worth a trillion dollars in US dollars. Nonetheless, despite his questionable political views, Tate has an incredible net worth.

According to a number of web sources, estimates place Andrew Tate’s net worth at $250-350 million. The majority of the millionaire’s wealth was gained through the sale of his online business school, which was given away as Hustler’s University.

However, despite its lack of accreditation, the educational platform offered online provides users with guidance on bitcoin, e-commerce, and stock trading. Additionally, the website offers advice on how to get women and network with other businessmen who have similar goals.

Participants in the Restricted Availability Program are required to pass a series of exams and pay a $50 fee in order to gain access to available courses. Despite this, some people think that Hustler’s University is a pyramid scheme because it is based on an affiliate marketing system. Essentially, this would allow the people responsible for marketing the course to potential buyers to earn money on their own.

According to TikToker Benleavitt, Tate’s business plan gives students the opportunity to become affiliates and earn a fifty percent commission for every new participant they onboard into the program. He said:

“So Tate is at the top, the people below have been playing full price, and they’re making fifty percent of the money made from whoever they refer. They’re responsible for fifty percent of the people they refer.

The main source of income for the Romanian resident comes from the course, but he also earns money through investments in cryptocurrency. The course is his main source of income. On top of that, he and his brother Tristan Tate started a casino business together.

Additionally, he owns several digital items as well as exclusive online groups that require payment to join.

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