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Who is Gio Benitez’s spouse on GMA? Tommy DiDario Spouse and Family Details

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob is an American entertainment journalist who graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. he won major broadcast awards for covering a wide range of backgrounds. He writes for a wide range of media outlets, especially on the latest news on upcoming films and T.V shows.

Gio Benitez and her husband have established a good life together in New York.

He appears on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, 20/20 and Nightline as a reporter and correspondent for ABC News from America.

In addition to that, he acted as the host of the Fusion collaboration version of Nightline. He is a three-time Emmy Award winner in the television news category. It has been suggested that he take on the role of transportation correspondent on April 9, 2020, reporting from New York and Washington, DC.

On September 8, 2020, the celebrity hosted the season finale of the ABC show What Would You Do, which was the show’s sixteenth season.

In addition, he has written extensively about accidents involving planes and helicopters that have occurred across the country, as well as accidents involving trains and the negative effects that being in hot cars has on children.

Additionally, prior to becoming a journalist, he was employed as an investigative producer at WFOR-TV, where he worked on topics relating to health insurance fraud, public safety, and government corruption.

On April 16, 2016, Gio Benitez marries the one who will become her husband, Tommy DiDario

On April 16, 2016, Gio and her husband Tommy DiDario tied the knot in a ceremony that took place in Miami. Moreover, the couple got engaged on September 17, 2015, while in the city of Paris.

Tommy reached a total of 244,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @tommydidario, where he frequently posted photos of himself with his wife. In return, he followed 1,400 users. So far, he has posted a total of 1705 messages.

DiDario is a well-known television host and journalist who has appeared on a wide variety of shows including Extra, The Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, and many more.

He discusses everything from famous people and their lives to human curiosities and lifestyle topics such as trends, grooming, travel, health and fitness. Her topics range from fashion and trends to travel and wellness.

On April 16, 2016, Gio and her husband Tommy DiDario tied the knot in a ceremony that took place in Miami.

Gio’s husband was not a newscaster, but he was one of the first people hired by a news network to host their show, which was called “Today Show.”

During the current Covid pandemic, Tommy launched his chat show via Instagram Live as #LetsTalkTogether. On the show, he asks enthusiastic personalities who provide viewers with a weekly amount of optimism to answer questions posed by Tommy.

New York University awarded him a bachelor’s degree in science and communication studies when he graduated.

Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario
Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario

What type of compensation does Gio Benitez receive for his work at GMA?

Gio, who works for GMA, earns an annual salary of $750,000. Along the same lines, he and his wife maintain an extravagant lifestyle.

Gio, now 36, was born in Miami to Cuban parents who had immigrated to the United States at a young age. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology from Florida International University in 2008 after attending Miami Coral Park High School in 2004 and Florida International University.

Besides that, he maintains an active presence on Instagram under the handle @giobenitez, where he has amassed a total of 202,000 followers and followed a total of 2,300 users. He has posted a total of 2993 times on his account.

Gio, now 36, was born in Miami to Cuban parents who had immigrated to the United States at a young age.

On his Instagram account, he described himself as someone who is an urban American, an eternal optimist and constantly interested. He gives his full attention and love to her husband, Tommy DiDario. For @ABCNews, he covers topics related to how humans move both on Earth and in space.

The wedding photographs

The photo Gio took of her engagement with her husband went viral, and the couple have since married.

People say that during the private ceremony which took place at the Walton House, the couple exchanged vows they had written themselves and which were conducted by DiDario’s sister, Megs A. DiDario.

Sam Champion, Shepard Smith, Martha Raddatz and Broadway director and producer Richard Jay-Alexander were among the celebrity guests who attended the ceremony.

Benitez and DiDario first met in January 2015 via Instagram. So, all they had to do was post a few photos of the contemporary party on their own accounts.

Both men wore suits by J. Crew, which they paired with bespoke hook-ups by David Fin. Together they gave the wow factor. Studio Two Wedding Photography is responsible for capturing the mystery photos.

Benitez and DiDario are taking this opportunity to reflect on the past year and share with PEOPLE the lessons they learned as a result of their marriage.

Keep reading to find out the five most important life lessons the pair have learned so far.

1. Never stop doing

Benitez’s itinerary is determined by breaking news, which means he might have to skip a date night in order to travel across the country to report on shows like Good Morning America, World News Tonight with David Muir and 20/20. But DiDario isn’t fazed by the volatility and comes up with inventive ways to show Benitez he’s still close to his heart.

“When Gio is traveling for work and away for a few days, I sent flowers in thought of you to his hotel room and even chocolate covered strawberries to make him smile after a long day work,” DiDario says. “When Gio is away for work and away for a few days, I’ve sent flowers with you in mind to his hotel room and even chocolate covered strawberries. “I never want him to lose consciousness of the fact that it is essential for me that he be happy.”

For example, DiDario surprised Benitez with flowers while reporting for ABC News on the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub and the ensuing events in Orlando the year before.

Benitez believes that happiness can be found in the simplest things, like spending quality time with loved ones.

He explains, “I know it may sound corny, but even something as simple as going shopping together has a very personal meaning to me. “Seriously, going to the grocery store is one of the best ways to find out about a person! On top of that, I now know which dark chocolate bar to bring her whenever I have to rush to the store to grab something quick.

2. Make room in your schedule for new experiences and never lose your sense of wonder

DiDario and Benitez went to Bali for their honeymoon a year ago. “Life is busy and we both have careers that can be unpredictable, but we realized early in our marriage that it was important to take the time to get out and make memories,” says DiDario, who went to Bali with Benitez for their honeymoon. . We are committed to traveling to a new nation each year, if possible, in order to fulfill our promise.

Benitez, who is having fun on a boat trip with DiDario in the photo that follows, comments that the two are looking for “little adventures nearby too”. “We’ll go to a lake in upstate New York or the Jersey Shore and hop on a kayak, try something unique like aerial yoga, or even just take the train to see a new area and explore it.” “We’ll go to a lake in upstate New York or the Jersey Shore and jump on a kayak.” We try to maintain our childlike curiosity about the world around us.

3. Surround yourself with love and positivity all the time

Benitez is part of the chaotic news cycle that operates 24/7, and the couple prefers to leave it at that.

DiDario says his family are “extremely undramatic people.” We have such a low tolerance for drama that even when we have a disagreement, we can talk about it without raising our voices. That’s why we make it a point of honor to surround ourselves with people who have the same values ​​as us and who take pleasure in everyone’s achievements and happiness.

“Look, whether you’re in the public eye or not, you’re going to have individuals who can be a bit negative,” Benitez adds. “Look, you’re going to have people who are a bit negative.” “Just shake it!”

Benitez, pictured below with DiDario and their friends, former GMA cast member Sam Champion and husband Rubem Robierb, adds, “We sincerely embrace those who bring love and love into our lives. light at the table.”

4. Show sincere respect for each other

Benitez says, “Show respect for Tommy. This is the most important thing I have learned in this life. I’m talking about an enormous amount of respect and admiration. Although I don’t understand how he manages to fit so much into his schedule, we always remember to appreciate each other for everything we do for each other and think of each other every time. we make a decision. See? I did it one more time! About 200 times a day, I tell people I love that I love them by giving them a hug or just saying the words “I love you.”

5. Start your own customs and rituals.

DiDario, who grew up in an Italian-American family in New Jersey, appreciates the appreciation for tradition that her Cuban-American husband possesses, as well as his desire to develop new traditions with the couple.

Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario
Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario

DiDario says, “You know Italians and Cubans, and you know we love our customs! “We have found that starting our own family business can be a lot of fun. Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving by putting up our Christmas tree and cooking a big meal for all of our family members in the apartment we rent. It’s just a sweet reminder of what really matters most: being around the people you care about and the affection they feel for you.

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